MIA – BAD GIRLS (Barbaric Merits ChainBangin Remix)

Scattered Trees – Four Days Straight (Barbaric Merits Remix)

Barbaric Merits – Green Hue Haze f. CES Cru & Info Gates

From the vault, here’s a whole lot of Kansas City hip-hop in one free track:

Back to School 2011 Mix

Son of Kick – Playing the Villain vs. CES CRU – Eyeondat (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Chris B. – On the Grind
Tyler the Creator – Yonkers (Barbaric Merits Remix)
B. Dolan – Bail It Out (Barbaric Merits Remix)
Drake – Over (Barbaric Merits Remix)
Stephen Jacobs and Love and Light – That’s So Cali
Wiz Khalifa – On My Level (Deathstar Remix)
Sugarpill – Peeing On the Seat
Freddy Todd – Grip Platter
The Unik – Power vs. Beastie Boys – So Whatcha Want (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Excision and Downlink – Blue Steel vs. Public Enemy – Bring the Noise (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Who Cares – Lucky Larry (Samples Remix)
Kanye West f. Talib Kweli – Get Em High (Big Gigantic Remix)
Propa Tingz – Hustle Hard vs. Terror Squad – Lean Back (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Mr. Green and Pacewon – Liquor and Drugs (Barbaric Merits Remix)
Bassnectar and Ill Gates – Probable Cause
Halo Nova – Lady Vengeance vs. Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Barbaric Merits Edit)
2Mex – Dead Deer Diary (Barbaric Merits Remix)
Barbaric Merits + Evil Bastards – ClobberBot
Afrowhity – Ridin (Ed Solo VIP Mix)
RUN DMT – Bro 2.0 vs T.I. – What You Know (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Emalkay – Transpose vs. Ludacris – How Low (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Sinister Souls – Crackdown vs. Bone Crusher – Never Scared (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Cold Blank – Die Famous ft. Veze Skante and Alex Dreamz (FS and Reid Speed Remix)
Crizzly and Kids at the Bar – Like Dat
Doctor P – Watch Out vs. Crime Mob – Knuck If You Buck (Barbaric Merits Edit)
Helicopter Showdown – Dramatron
Jantsen – Let’s Get Ill
Roksonix – 2 Bad
Trowa – We Run the Night

Barbaric Merits + Evil Bastards – ClobberBot